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People Power Partnership is a largescale, international urban dance & theatre project.

In 2020-2024, PPP will create a total of 14 performances, which will be presented 27 times, using mirrors, HipHop and urban dance  as the language of expression. The performances will be in public spaces in 11 different European countries in a collaboration between 14 partner-cities and festivals. PPP is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

PASSAGE Festival is one of the partners. Each partner will host auditions to find 8 young dancers and performers to join the project. PASSAGE Festival hosted auditions together with the creative team from Aktionstheater PAN:OPTIKUM 19-21 March 2021, where 8 young dancers were selceted to join PPP. In Helsingør, the performance is created by young dancers from Scandinavia and the Czech Republic. With mirrors as a central focal point, both in a figurative sense and in the scenographic framework

Read more about PPP’s performance during PASSAGE Festival 2021 HERE.



www.people-power-partnership.eu  // www.theater-panoptikum.de


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P.O.D - The Crossing Lines Project was a prequel to PPP


14 partners in 11 European countries

104 young performers

97 mirrors

A professional creative team to develop the performances together with participants

13 site-specific productions

1 largescale main performance, which will tour all over Europe in 2023-24.

Aktionstheater PAN.OPTIKUM from Germany is in charge of the project and is known for creating large scale visual dance- and theatre productions.


PPP is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

PPP i to faser

In the first phase of the project, locally oriented and sitespecific productions will be developed and presented. 8 young participants will travel to another country and be a part of the sitespecific production there.
Every performance will be presented as part of a festival.The themes are signed for public spaces and are strongly focused on socially relevant topics. The participants will co-create each performance.Visually and dramaturgically, all performances will use mirrors in various shapes and contexts.The participants will work together with the professional creative team from PAN.OPTIKUM, and with several participants from a former similar project: POWER OF DIVERSITY – The Crossing Lines project, which PASSAGE Festival was a part of in 2015-18. In this way, PPP will be a development of this project, building on all the experiences and learnings and taking them a step further.In the second phase of PPP, the young participants will create a largescale performance together with PAN.OPTIKUM, that will tour across Europe to all the partner-cities. Participants will be teamed up in several constellations.

Below, you will find photos from the two performances created and presented in Helsingør in 2016 and 2017: for POWER OF DIVERSITY – The Crossing Lines project:

Power Of Diversity – The Crossing Lines Project 2015-2018

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