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Nordic Street Network 2023


The Nordic Street Network will explore and elaborate on the challenges and potential in working with performing arts in public space in a Nordic-Baltic setting.

Distribution and collaborations between organisations and artists with an interest in working outdoors in this region are not as strong, as we believe they could be. This network is a step towards building relations, creating more opportunities for artists and establish a network between organisations working in the field of performing arts in public space.


As a platform, festivals for outdoor performing arts have proven to be agile and used to navigating within changing conditions. Working with art in public space, however, requires skills and experience from both presenters and artists. Nordic programmers often look to the festivals in the South of Europe for artistic content:

We believe, that there is a lot of untapped artistic potential in the Nordic and Baltic regions, that we as presenters can help to unleash.

The conditions when working in public space, often outdoors, in a Nordic-Baltic setting is quite different from a Southern-European context: the weather and light – or rather darkness –  is not as welcoming as in the southern parts of Europe. The Nordic Street Network will gather experiences and share ideas on how to operate under these circumstances and in remote  areas in our regions to the benefit of both artists and the people, who live there.


Nordic Street Network gathers three organisations all working outside traditional stage-space: Davvi – Senter for Scenekunst, Norway +  Foundation Initium, Latvia + PASSAGE Festival.

We all believe in making art and cultural experiences accessible for small communities outside the cultural metropoles. The Nordic STreet Network will first and foremost be a collective mapping of artists and organisations in our regions, who are interested in working in and with public outdoor spaces. To learn from each other, share ideas and knowledge, and thereby establish and expand local networks, that can continue to strengthen performing arts in public space in Nordic and Baltic regions in the future.

Nordic Street Network | PASSAGE Festival 2023

Three seminar days at PASSAGE Festival 1.-3. august 2023

NORDIC street NETWORK Programme (PDF)

Nordic Street Network is a continuation of the first conversations during the seminar

NORDIC STREET Sustainability of the Arts

organized by PASSAGE Festival and Helsingør Teater in June 2022.