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Poetry in Backyards

THURSDAY 29 – SATURDAY 31 JULY,  PASSAGE Festival invites you for a morning coffee together with three poets and original voices, that most of us have never heard. PASSAGE Festival has started a collaboration with the Slovenian festival Days of Poetry and Wine, located in the city of  Ptuj in the borderland between Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Hungary.
FRIDAY 30 JULY AT 21:00 alle three poets will do readings together at the yard at Toldkammeret

Ana Ristovic (Serbia), Tomica Bajsic (Croatia) and Ana Svetel (Slovenia) each provide a very different insight into three unique poetic worlds, all rooted in small, yet rich language communities ​​and in a history and a border area that differs dramatically from the Nordic countries and the border country we know in Helsingør/Helsingborg. In all three cases, poetry becomes the way into unfamiliar worlds.

Read more about each poet  and the moderators below.
In all three cases, poetry forms a passage into worlds, we are unfamiliar with. PASSAGE Festival explores in 2021 with poetry and with Romeo Castellucci’s work The Third Reich the common roots of language and theater, but also two markedly different European border regions, which despite the physical distance, are bound together by a community of a shared destiny.

About Days of Poetry and Wine

Days of Poetry and Wine, one of the largest and most well-known international poetry festivals in Eastern Europe, has for the past 25 years successfully combined poetry with oenology – the art of wine-making. Each year, the festival presents more than twenty poets from around the world, along with local winemakers. Ten years ago, the festival found its home in Ptuj, a small town in the middle of one of Europe’s most fascinating wine regions, at the crossroads of many different cultures. Days of Poetry and Wine in 2021: 23.-28.08 2021 www.versoteque.com

Poetry in Backyards is presented in collaboration with Days of Poetry and Wine in Ptuj, Slovenia and the publisher Archive for Details.



The event is free. The poems will be read in both Danish and the original language, and are also available in printed form in Danish and English translations. All events start on time. Be aware on Friday that Toldkammergården is open, but there will be a risk of queues.


CINDY LYNN BROWN: Danish/American poet and translator. She has published eight books, most of them collections of poetry and two of those literary collaborations. She graduated in comparative literature and creative writing and has had poems translated into 14 languages while traveling to festivals and residencies around the world. She is the main organizer of the international poetry festival Odense poetry. Odense Lyrik. www.cindylynnbrown.com

KIRSTEN VESTERGAARD MIKKELSEN. Kirsten Vestergaard Mikkelsen’s literary agent is Poetry Bus – a purple van that drives around the country with workshops, readings and artist talks. She has a master’s degree in Literary Studies from the University of Copenhagen. In addition, she is associated with micro-publisher Arkiv for Detaljer as an editor.

Young Poetry in the Backyards

From 29/7 – 1/8, there will be full of young poetry in JA-Kontoret’s container behind Værftets Madsmarked. See, hear and feel words you may have never heard in teh project’s readings, workshops and exhibitions.