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Perform Europe

PASSAGE Festival and Helsingør Theatre is fortunate enough to be a part of two of the in total 19 selected projects within the Perform Europe programme in 2022. As a part of Perform Europe’s intention of reimagining international touring, the two projects both adress and test a more innovative, inclusive and sustainable performing arts touring and distribution model. Both projects will be presented in Helsingør, Denmark and in Halmstad, Sweden during june 2022.


Step by step – Wheel by wheel

Performance: Habrá Que Ponerse Cachas (HQPC)

A playful and powerful inclusive dance-theater piece. A game of meaning, nonsense, charm, and ingenuity. How do relations between siblings change over time, from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. What brings us closer to our siblings? What separates us from them? How is family part of our identity? What drives us away from it? This is a celebration of movement in an inclusive dance creation, where the disabled and non-disabled dancers are equals in the creation of movement. Each has their place in it.


Producer: Proyecto Colectivo, Spain


Together, we join join forces to give more visibility to artists with disabilities, who today are underrepresented both on and behind the stage.

On the one hand, artistic works such as the one included in this project, Habrá Que Ponerse Cachas (HQPC in short), led by an emerging disabled woman choreographer, are still very rare. Disabled artists in general need more visibility and recognition as valuable professionals in the performing arts field. On the other hand, for the presenters, budgets and lack of know-how are some probable obstacles to programming artists with disabilities.

Step by Step – Wheel by Wheel consists of a tour of the performance HQPC that will start at the festival No(s) Limit(es) in Montpellier, France, in May 2022, and will conclude in Denmark and Sweden in early June 2022. Live presentations will be held outdoors, accompanied by an after-talk.

In the context of the conference Nordic Street – Sustainability of the Arts, which addresses art and sustainability and takes place in Helsingborg (Sweden) on 9-12 June 2022, a digital presentation of the piece will be shown, followed by an after-talk with the artists via zoom.

Photo: Jemma Stein


An outdoor, participatory dance work traveling from Cloughjordan Ecovillage (Ireland) by land and sea to destinations in Cyprus, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and the UK. SlowMo is choreography as a travelling gift; as a series of embodied travelling postcards.


Producer: Instant Dissidence, Ireland
A participatory outdoor dance work traveling from Cloughjordan Ecovillage (Ireland) by land and sea to
destinations in Cyprus, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and the UK.


In this project, slow travel is not merely a way of traversing geography and saving on carbon emissions: here, slow travel is  turned into a framework for creating the touring work. SlowMo is a participatory work: the presenting partners in
destination countries will identify people who, whilst residents of that country, have connections to cities/countries on the routes Instant Dissidence are slowly travelling through to reach presenting destinations. Maybe these people were born there, or they fell in love there, or they studied there. They will be co-creators of the work; and the partners of SlowMo are making the artistic work about their memories of those cities, as they travel through them.


Perform Europe is an EU-funded project aimed to rethink how performing arts works are presented across borders in a more inclusive, sustainable and balanced way by testing new touring and distribution practices and providing policy recommendations for a future EU support scheme. This 18-month journey includes a research phase, launching a digital platform, testing a support scheme, and designing policy recommendations.

Perform Europe is funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and co-managed by a Consortium of 5 organisations: IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts, the European Festivals Association (EFA), Circostrada, EDN – European Dancehouse Network, and IDEA Consult.