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Roundabout Europe 2019-2021

Roundabout Europe 2019-2021

Roundabout Europe was founded by five different partners to build an expanded European circuit of residencies and festivals for art in the public space. Roundabout Europe allowed artists to exchange producers and art forms, to present projects on new platforms, to access new audience groups, networks and development opportunities for projects and new artistic directions.

Who was behind Roundabout Europe?

Roundabout Europe was a collaboration between five renowned European performing arts festivals, that center around art in the public space:

  • Imaginarius in Portugal
  • KoresponDance festival in the Czech Republic
  • Out There in England
  • PASSAGE Festival in Denmark
  • Spoffin Festival in the Netherlands. Spoffin Festival is also the project coordinator.

Roundabout Europe was aimed at ambitious, professional artists who either already worked in and with public space or who were new to the city scene and wanted to develop new approaches and projects. The goal: to equip artists to work even more critically, sustainably, financially, and profitably without losing their primary artistic values.

Residency courses, coaching and views

The selected artists/groups were part of two connected residency programs in two different EU countries. The individual residencies were organized according to the needs and wishes of the artists. The participating artists were given time to work focused on their performance/project and at the same time participate in several workshops and practical, artistic and inspirational coaching courses. The artists and organizations also had the opportunity to create new networks, just as the artists were introduced to each other and linked to the other participating artists from former cycles (Through 2019-2021).

The artistic results of the residencies were presented at the partner festivals. Some as regular performances, others work-in-progress.

Roundabout Europe 2019

In 2019, the Passage Festival worked with LUIT – Laboratoire Urbain d’Urter Temporaires (FR) on the BLACK MARKET, which also appeared at Imaginarius Festival in Portugal, and with Léa Dant (FR) on Capital WOMEN who also participated in the Spoffin Festival.

Roundabout Europe 2020

Due to Covid-19 it is only possible to conduct proceedings with the Third Hand Group (SL) on the development of the performance THE BOAT in 2020. The course of Two Much Circus (UK) was postponed to 2021.

Read more at roundabouteurope.eu.

The project was supported by the EU cultural support program Creative Europe.