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A loop is a cyclic structure, repetitions that grow in layers, bodies and sound that are woven together, overlapped and recreated. We constantly loop through life, an eternal choreography that is repeated with only a few stops and interruptions. But what happens when we choreographically stage loops, allow the audience to co-create and move it out into the public space.

The piece is created in connection with PASSAGE Festival Volunteer Camp.

PASSAGE Volunteer Camp is a two-week folk high school inspired camp for 12 young people from DK, Poland, Austria and Germany. The camp takes place in connection with the street theater festival PASSAGE Festival.

The young people from the Camp have participated in a workshop with choreographer Mette Overgaard from Running Sculptures, where they have worked with looping choreography, improvisation and movement. This showing is the result of their workshop.
Read more about the PASSAGE Festival Volunteer Camp here. 

DURATION: 45 min.


Experience you’re somehow connected, an audiovisual multichannel piece about connections across time and space, situated in Elsinore’s beautiful shipyards. The piece is created by composer Lil Lacy in collaboration with scenographer Jon R. Skulberg and electronic composer Tobias Sejersdahl. 

Surrounded by 34 speakers and placed centrally in five chairs, the audience is invited inside Hall 19, in Elsinore’s old shipyard. Here smoke, daylight, new classical music, electronic sound and voices merge into an intimate experience for just five people at a time. 

Inspired by August Strindberg’s A Dream Play, where Agnes, the Vedic God daughter, sinks towards the Earth in the attempt to understand humans, their agony and dreams, you’re somehow connected explores the matter of being through sound, light and air. 

In the piece, manipulated field recordings of the body, skin and breathing is incorporated – as well as interviews with five people of different generations, nationalities and places about their dreams of the future: Student Simran Skulberg de Souza (NO) in Bergen, college student Paulina Shtanko (BY) in Sct. Petersburg, visual artist Mohau Modisakeng (ZA) in Johannesburg, composer Marcos Balter (BR) in New York and writer Suzanne Brøgger (DK) in Copenhagen.  

The music is composed for accordion soloist Bjarke Mogensen and an ensemble of 14 musicians.
you’re somehow connected opened Aarhus Festuge 2021, as a live concert in Store Sal, Musikhuset, Aarhus. The piece has been recorded in a special circular arrangement in collaboration with the internationally acknowledged sound producer Preben Iwan.  


Only 5 seats per concert
Duration: 75 min – thi scan vary
NB: There is no acces to this with a wheelchair 


If you have a festival-wristband you can expereince you’re somehow connected for free. Write us at pr@helsingor-teater.dk for more info on how to get a ticket. Tickets are offered  on a first come, first served basis due to the limited number of audience seats. 

In 2022 you’re somehow connected is further developed into an audiovisual multichannel piece for 34 speakers and an audience of five, at Kulturværftet, Elsinore, and can be experienced from July 28 through August 28. 

Meet Edoardo Mirabella, Elisabetta Cavana and our sons, Martin, Matilde and Mael.

Every time they perform is like being at the family breakfast table: the same as always, but completely different. This is their strength and uniqueness. Smiles, acrobatics, irony, unicycles, family drama, juggling, a clash of generations – everything is up in the air! It is an inimitable show that changes and grows day by day.

La Famiglia Mirabella is a family that performs a heart-warming and captivating show for families.


DURATION: 45 min.
AGE: 2 years old

You get captivating hooks and community singing. Brass Band Power, groovy vibes and rocking beats send you on the dance floor, where you can do nothing but surrender to the festive and life-affirming music. In the best New Orleans Carnival Style, the party ends with a real Street Parade, where the band goes out and plays among the audience. Joy, energy and celebration in the company of 5 of the best Danish musicians.


DURATION: 60 min.  

Radio Merkur live is a experience with smiles, a warm atmosphere and a community on stage that spreads among the audience. It’s all carried by a joy of playing, and their “Spillemands Svanesang”, has a chorus that could just as well have been the band’s motto: “Sing along, hang on, play loose”.


DURATION: 60 min.

Everybody can join when the festival of physical games and play again moves into three different places in Helsingør.  

Gerlev Center for Leg & Bevægelse activates the games for all ages, with for instance parcour and various old games from all over Europe. 

The open invitation comes from Gang i Nordvest, Kulturhus Syd and Helsingør Boligsociale Helhedsplan – together with Levende Legekultur and Gerlev Center for Leg & Bevægelse they invite children, young people, adults and elderly to all come and play in Nordvest, Vapnagaard and Nøjsomhed. 

The festival is free of charge. 

The three clowns Rossinyol, Mardi and Melon face an unexpected twist: a member of the audience has died of laughter during their previous show. In an act of responsibility, they will try to stop the propagation of a deadly virus, laughter! 

Who will be on their side? Will justice? Will they find a solution? Or will they be punished?  

They need you to transmit optimism while awakening a critical spirit.  

You will be only at risk to die from laughter…  

MDR – Death from Laughter is a clown show that questions the arbitrariness of justice through humour and the experience of the clown: Their wild and clumsy nature, and their existential need to exist take them through an improbable and eccentric show, where laughter, having fun and fantasy are motor.  


DURATION: 60 min
AGE: From 12 years 


(MDR stands for Mort de riure – Catalan for Death from laughter) 


Click theTICKET icon to the right: next to TIME + LOCATION or buy a festival-wristband and get free tickets to all ticket-performances. There are different categories of wristbands – for families or individuals. READ MORE and buyPASSAGE FESTIVAL WRISTBAND HERE 

Fusskopf loves to dance, jump, run and walk. Yes he loves everything he can do on his feet. He explores all his senses. He does not always know how to use them, but together with the audience he gets to know more about the senses. 

Fusskopf is a performance for the youngest audiences, without language but with sound and wonderful music. 


DURATION: 35 min 

Trolle and Tormod arrive in their reggae car. They have speakers with them, and out of them flows cool dancehall music. Two microphones are connected to the sound system and the audience is ready for Trolle and Tormod’s reggae for children. The concert starts. Some dance. Others sing. A child is being interviewed. A mother does fitness. Some get dressed up and start dancing. Three girls are allowed to sing choir on the stage. Get ready for a fun and cool concert for the whole family.


DURATION: 45 min.
NB! The concert will be in Danish.

“Encore une fois” (Again) is an energetic and playful show that thrills with breathtaking acrobatics and rousing creativity. Three artists, each more adventurous than the other, test the possibilities of the seesaw. 

With much authenticity, courage and passion, the three young artists devote themselves to this idea: all mistakes are allowed. The circus, as in life, is about the risk, so let’s fail and start over. 

So, they do: mess it all up and start over, again and again, mixing every element from ping-pong balls to saltos, all to the changing tempo of their musical creation. 

DURATION:40 min.