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Helsingør + Helsingborg programme 9-11 June

THURSDAY 9 JUNE / 10:00 – 19:00 Helsingør (DK)

Artistic programme in public space + talk sessions at Catch. Host of the day: Majken Overgaard (DK)





  • Catch Salon 1: Sustainable Artistic Practice: About the future sustainable artistic practice – how it could look like and the necessary steps to take in order to accomplish this.
  • with Gry Worre Hallberg + Birgitte Kirkhoff Eriksen
  • Performance: SlowMo by Instant Dissidence (IR)
  • Performance: Sammen by Simone Wierød (DK) 
  • Catch Salon 2: Digital Presence: On new types of sensibilty and experiences provided by new technology. 
  • with Tina Ryoon Andersen + Jacob la Cour + Ditte Ejlerskov 
  • Performance: Sammen by Simone Wierød (DK)
  • Dinner at the Foodmarket in Helsingør
FRIDAY 10 JUNE/ 10:00 – 19:00 Helsingborg (SE)

Conversations and small working group sessions. Host of the day: Aslak Gottlieb (DK)


  • Registration at Dunkers kulturhus
  • Welcome by Helsingør Teater & Dunkers kulturhus
  • Take-off session: Three different views on sustianibilty and art With Bæredygtig Scenekunst (DK) + Rita Marcalo (IR) + Signe Meisner Christensen (DK)
  • Conversation and burning issues



  • Introduction to work groups 
  • Breakout sessions with Simone Wierød (DK) + Christine Fentz (DK) + Vera Maeder (DK) + Zelda Soussan (FR) + Maja Friis (DK)
  • Rounding off breakout sessions
  • Performance: Sh4dow (Limited Tickets)
SATURDAY 11 JUNE/ 10:00 – 19:00 Helsingborg (SE)

Conversations and small working group sessions. Host of the morning programme: Ludvig Duregård (SE)


  • Registration and Welcome at Dunkers kulturhus
  • The power of the Local with Ieva Niedre + Inge Agnete Tarpgaard 





  • Future something – My Next Take on Sustainability 
  • Session facilitated by Bæredygtig Scenekunst + Niels Righolt
  • Nordic FUTURE: Nordic Collaboration
  • City-intervention 
  • with Christine Fentz + Ieva Niedre + Inge Agnete Tarpgaard
  • Social dinning at Grönningen
  • Performance: Sh4dow (Limited tickets)

Digital + online programme 9 +10 June

A mix of livestreams from the conference in Helsingør and Helsingborg, as well as online discussions and break-out sessions with some of the NORDIC STREET contributors.

The NORDIC STREET online conversations will be hosted by Niels Righoldt and Astrid Aspegren from CKI (The Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture)

THURSDAY 9 JUNE / 13:00 – 16:00
  • Livestreams from the analouge conference in Helsingør
  • Discussions and breakout sessions with Zelda Soussain, LUIT – the Urban Laboratory of Temporaries Interventions + Ula Zalek + Inge Agnete Tarpgaard + Ieva Niedre
  • Performance: Artistic showing
FRIDAY 10 JUNE / 10:00 – 12:00 + 13:00 – 16:00