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ENVELOPE/BREV: Artist Edition

By Vessel Projects

Letter exchange between artists across the North Sea

Set your imagination free and engage in exciting and creative letter project with the UK!

Vessel Projects invite artists in Helsingør to participate in an international letter exchange where you send a letter out into the world, and receive one in return.


The Covid-19 challenges facing communities in the UK have been mirrored across the world. Many people are feeling isolated and this project aims to safely connect people in a way that explores who we are and what our experiences have been during the pandemic.

The activity:

  • Download and print this pdf
  • This pdf includes an ‘envelope’ for you to cut out, draw on and fold up, inspired by the 20th century tradition of blue Air Mail letters.
  • We invite you to create a personal map on the inside of the envelope – reflecting your individual circumstances and environments.
  • Once we receive all the envelopes, we will do an ‘international envelope exchange’ and try to make sure that everyone who sends an envelope receives a map-artwork from someone else in return.

Your envelope map is an opportunity to express your experience of being locked-down and socially distanced. You might map the room, flat or garden where you have been isolating or record your daily walk down the street to the local shop or park. You might want to include places in your community which seem more special due to their recent closure; a beach, a theatre, a swimming pool or the pub.

You could also include thoughts, words or phrases that bring your environment to life – perhaps memories of a specific day during lockdown, a precious moment or an interaction with another person.  You can use pencil, pen, paint, or simple collage, but please keep your work smooth and flat (2D) so the envelope folds well and stays thin and light.

For anyone unsure how to start, suggestions and ideas for maps can be seen on our Pinterest board pinterest.co.uk/vesselprojects  and Facebook page facebook.com/vesselprojects

Photo: The Vessel Projects

About SOfa Fest

This project has been created by Vessel Projects for SOfa Fest in Lincolnshire, UK and Passage Festival in Helsingør, Denmark, who are presenting a joint online event between 27 July – 1 August 2020.

SOfa is replacing the annual SO Festival on the Lincolnshire coast as a result of Covid-19 restrictions. Our project offers an opportunity for you to connect directly (but anonymously) with someone else via a simple creative activity.