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PASSAGE Festival is an international street theater festival, with both international, Danish and Swedish performances. Check out the 2022 edition of the PROGRAMME HERE -download version HERE

About PASSAGE Festival

Since 2004, PASSAGE Festival has been a living, international street theatre festival in constant evolution, relating to our surroundings. Local anchorage, public space and an artistic programme of high quality... Read more

Documentation 2010-2022

Reflections in words and images on past editions of PASSAGE Festival: Phots from previous festivals can be found at PASSAGE Festival Flickr PASSAGE FESTIVAL 2022 PASSAGE FESTIVAL 2021 PASSAGE FESTIVAL... Read more

MDR – Death from laughter

Los Galindos (ES)

The three clowns Rossinyol, Mardi and Melon face an unexpected twist: a member of the audience has died of laughter during their previous show. In an act of responsibility, they... Read more

Bel Horizon

Le G. Bistaki (FR)

In this world where everything is accelerating, condensing, merging, Le G. Bistaki suggests, in a low voice, to extract oneself physically and mentally. To extract oneself with calm towards a... Read more


Simone Wierød (DK)

A sculpture that is created by you, the participating audience: through instructions given through headphones, you will be a part of a larger choreographic system, moving objects, creating formations, and... Read more


Convoi Exceptionnel (DK)

CRAWL CRAWL CRAWL is a new composed staged piece with 12 singers, experienced from the edge of a swimming pool. In a physical study of water resonance, the singers are... Read more

Dance of the Fisherman


Dance of the Fisherman is a site specific performance created specifically for Espergaerde Havn. In Dance of the Fisherman, the audience will be physically drawn into the meditative world of... Read more

Through the Wall

Thomas Bentin Works (DK)

Through the Wall takes you on a walk through the urban landscape and shows you the city from a new angle. You follow three dancers, who appear and disappear constantly,... Read more