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PASSAGE Festival 2023 PROGRAMME: Find all performances here

You can look through the printed program in a PDF version here (the print program is in Danish)

Open Lines

Cie Basinga (FR)

Without those who support her, ensuring her ascent, set the lines, watch her, the tightrope artist has no power. This is not a superhuman figure walking on a tightrope. It... Read more

Bien Parado

Collectif La Méandre (FR)

With a cube as a stage and the public space as the only setting, a dancer and a musician tame each other and cross time until they find a common... Read more



Kinski – Roi de Rats (King of Rats) tells the story of Kinski, a troubled and unemployed actor, who finds himself having to sell vampire teeth to survive. In a... Read more


PASSAGE Planet is a platform at the festival that addresses the human situation in connection with the climate crisis. It aims to create space for sharing thoughts with each other... Read more

Antilia: Yes Land

An Italian open air circus arena

At first glance, Antilia appears to be a classic circus arena where five artists perform their acts in rotation. Upon closer acquaintance, it is much more than that. It is... Read more

You Are a Day Tomorrow – The Classroom as Battlefield

Convoi Exceptionnel (DK)

It is a memoir tying past and present, a personal narrative exploring the social dynamics of school and the institutional influence on the body and soul. It presents an auditory... Read more

La grUtesca

Escarlata Circus (CAT)

Helium balloons, stones, dancing ladders, gramophones that laugh, self-portraits that gravitate and cigarette papers that dance to the rhythm of a waltz… …so ‘la grUtesca’ is an essence in the... Read more

About PASSAGE Festival

Since 2004, PASSAGE Festival has been a living, international street theatre festival in constant evolution, relating to our surroundings. Local anchorage, public space and an artistic programme of high quality... Read more

Documentation 2010-2022

Reflections in words and images on past editions of PASSAGE Festival: Phots from previous festivals can be found at PASSAGE Festival Flickr PASSAGE FESTIVAL 2022 PASSAGE FESTIVAL 2021 PASSAGE FESTIVAL... Read more

Hand to hand

A European contemporary circus exploration in the public spaces of four countries to collectively question the notion of social ecology – through experimentations, learning spaces, meetings with different sectors of... Read more