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Some performances require a ticket. They are all marked with a TICKET icon. With a festivalpas you will have free entrance to all performances during PASSAGE festival 2019. TICKETS> Adults:... Read more


PASSAGE 2019 programmet is in the print. You can download it here: PASSAGE 2019 PROGRAMME PDF   OR look through the programme online here: Read more


La vita nuova

Romeo Castellucci + Societas (IT)

The sense of a beginning hovers in the air, here, in a large parking lot, where a handful of men has arranged a rendezvous. They are brothers, and they intend... Read more


City Horses

Byström Källblad (SWE)

You see them everywhere; the statues of kings and warriors by horse. Stoic. Magnificent. Silently gazing out over the world. But where are the women? This was the starting point... Read more


De ukendtes jord

Compagnie Sous X (FR)

MONOLOGUE: A woman, X, has spent her life spent on the fringes of society. When she dies, she is buried in a common grave. Now she returns. Because no, she’s... Read more


Hairy Tales


With a large dose of physical comedy, flexible bodies and hairy creations, M.P.A.C. creates a clown show for the 21st century. ​ HAIRY TALES is about head hair and body hair... Read more


Black Market

LUIT - Laboratoire Urbain d'Interventions Temporaires (FR)

On the Black Market we negotiate what cannot be sold for money, what is priceless.  We interrogate the value you are giving to your own desires.  We are the shadow... Read more


Capital women

Léa Dant (FR)

Public spaces are often considered and experienced by many women as masculine spaces. Capital WOMEN is a set of poetic performances in public spaces, that will stage a sisterhood, a... Read more


It’s not here, It’s over here

Galmae (FR+KR)

NB: Venue: Pladsen bag Værftets Madmarked…(Behind the food market) How does the crowd move? Does one move differently when alone, from when being amongst a crowd? What determines the «... Read more