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20/07 2021: PASSAGE Festival is an international street theater festival, with perfromances from Denmark and abroad. Many of these are performances are non-verbal, meaning everyone can enjoy them. Be aware that some performances are verbal, and are performed either in Danish or English, which is marked on the performance’s page. You can read more about the individual performances in our PROGRAM.

10/6 2021: PASSAGE Festival 2021 will be happening  26 -31 July 2021

Mark the calendar and stay tuned here and at Facebook and Instragram: This years programme and performances will be published in a running order and ticket sales will start on 15 june!

21/01 2021: PASSAGE Festival is a partner in the largescale dance-and theatre project People Power Partnership. In 2020-2024, PPP will create a total of 14 performances, which will be presented 27 times, in public spaces in 11 different European countries in a collaboration between 14 partner-cities and festivals. PPP is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. First step is to hold auditions for 18-25 year old dancers in March!

PASSAGE Festival 2021

Documentation of PASSAGE Festival 2021 PASSAGE Festival 2021 was an ambitious and multifaceted affair. The festival continued its tradition of presenting international street theater performances of high artistic quality in... Read more

People Power Partnership

Sitespecific dance performance

At PASSAGE Festival you can experience one of 13 different, site-specific performances, presented from June to October 2021 throughout Europe as part of the PPP project. In Helsingør, the performance... Read more

Moving a Memory

Convoi Exceptionnel (DK)

Convoi Exceptionnel explores experiences and memories connected to the gymnasium, to this space which most of us have a relationship with. The smell of lacquered floor, thick rope, and wooden... Read more

CANCELLED City Matters

CANCELLED 31/7 Daily Fiction (DK)

 In City Matters, you get the chance to get up close and personal with the materials of the city. Take a walk, where you as part of a group sense... Read more


Claudio Stellato (BE)

As if they follow an assembly manual from a parallel universe, the characters / craftsmen are working on a site where everyone has their role. They perform precise gestures resulting... Read more

Poetry in Backyards

THURSDAY 29 – SATURDAY 31 JULY,  PASSAGE Festival invites you for a morning coffee together with three poets and original voices, that most of us have never heard. PASSAGE Festival... Read more