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Green Streets of Europe

A sustainable journey for Performing Arts | 2023-2025



Green Streets of Europe is a transformative residency project addressing environmental challenges within the performing arts sector.

In 2023- 2025, four European festivals for performing arts in public spaces will collaborate with artists to explore and co-develop more sustainable formats for international touring and festival programming. The festivals are Imaginarius, located in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, KoresponDance, located in Žďár nad Sázavou, Czech Republic, Špancirfest, located in Varaždin, Croatia and PASSAGE Festival, located in Helsingør, Denmark.

Each partner is situated “off-center” from the larger cities in their countries, have local anchoring as a key element in their festival DNA, and all focus on public space performances.


International exchange (touring) of artistic formats is crucial for creating accessibility to vibrant artistic experiences, not just in the metropoles of Europe, but also in the more rural areas.

However, conventional touring practices contribute to environmental burdens.

Green Streets of Europe seeks to reevaluate these practices, shifting the focus from the artistic product to the artistic process for both the festivals, the artists and the local communities and audiences, that anchors us.


The key driver in the project will be artistic residencies that will emphasise local relevance, opening artistic processes, longer relations, and deeper connections between festivals, local communities, and artists. The residencies will also promote trans-sectorial collaboration with sustainability-related local sectors.

Shifting the focus from the artistic product to the artistic process is a central theme in Green Streets of Europe. This shift not only challenges conventional structures of production and presentation of performances, and a shift in the relationships between artists, audience and festivals but also necessitates a change in communication strategies.

Green Streets of Europe asks both festival partners and artists to equally embrace the role of communicators, fostering transparency and (local) engagement throughout the project, as we collectively explore and test future formats of sustainable touring and festivals in the performing arts sector.

THE RESIDENCIES are designed in a home-out-home model, and each artist/company will be connected to two festivals.

  • First residency (10 days) with the primary festival
  • Second residency (10 days) with secondary festival
  • Third residency and public presentation with the primary festival

Each residency includes a public session as part of the residency, to open up to and include local communities and explore the artistic processes as part of the artistic experience for the audiences and communities. The final residency will be a public presentation of the artistic work as part of the festival programme.


In Green Streets of Europe, we set out to connect in a deeper way to the artists and the local communities and take on the common journey for a more sustainable practice. Not only to connect us locally, but also as a driver for change in our festival designs and in festival operations.

Green Transition and sustainability will be addressed at all levels of operation. While the main driver in the project is the artistic residencies that spur new ways of presenting performing arts, all festival organisations will also undergo an act of transition on an operational level. To help the organisations to think differently and set good targets, this part of the process will be supported by Julie’s Bicycle: a non-profit organisation that combines cultural and environmental expertise.


PASSAGE Festival is the largest international street theatre festival in the Nordic countries.

Since 2004, the annual festival has taken place in the public spaces in the Municipality of Helsingør; in the city centre as well as small surrounding towns, nature settings and in the social housing areas in the outskirts of Helsingør. The festival deliberately presents traditional street theatre, circus, and experimental, site specific performances side by side.


Local contexts and relations are a cornerstone in the DNA of PASSAGE Festival. Through Green Streets of Europe, we want to expand and deepen the relations with our local communities and collaborators, as well as with the artists, while diving into new models for creating the vital meetings between international art and artists of high artistic quality and the local contexts of Helsingør.




Andorra, Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Gibraltar, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, The United Kingdom.

These countries wereselected as part of distinct regions, defined by the proximity of the festivals (in accordance with European Green Deal and the aim of low-emission touring) or countries with less touring options than their artistic peers in other European Countries (in accordance with Perform Europe mapping).

Se more info on countries and each festival-region in the Open Call PDF.