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PASSAGE Volunteer Camp

Again this year, PASSAGE festival and free volunteer camp offers for young people aged 18-25! PASSAGE Volunteer Camp is a two-week folk high school inspired camp for 12 young people from DK, Poland, Austria and Germany. The camp takes place in connection with the street theater festival PASSAGE Festival, which takes place last week in July in Elsinore and the surrounding area.

In the first week of the camp the young people participate in a workshop with choreographer Mette Overgaard from Running Sculptures, where they have worked with looping choreography, improvisation and movement and prepare a showing: Looping Choreography

During the second week they will assist in solving volunteer tasks in connection with the festival: way finding, preparing sites, communication and documentation, handling audience, ticketing, preparing backstage and food etc. The tasks will be handled in accordance with the individual capability and interest, so everyone feels both comfortable and suitably challenged.

PASSAGE Festival is one of Northern Europe’s largest street theater festivals. It takes place every year in Elsinore and Helsingborg in the last week from July. The festival presents everything from spectacular new circus and street entertainment, classical street theater and experimental stage art that can be experienced side by side on streets, alleys and squares, on beaches, in the woods, in gyms … public places use, we know Every year, more than 100 performing artists from all over the world come to Elsinore to perform at festivals, and from the audience’s side, interest is great, and still increasing. With PASSAGE Volunteer Camp, we want to make meetings possible, between us, you, the festival’s artists and 24 other European young people.