Taking Space #5

Sparrow Dance / Esther Wrobel (DK)

Sparrow Dance Esther Wrobel_Taking Space #5_web1Sparrow Dance is an aerial dance and cross  Sparrow Dance Esther Wrobel_Taking Space #5_web2
disciplinary stage art association formed by Esther Wrobel. The motivation behind Sparrow Dance is to promote and explore vertical dance and other suspended dance techniques to further expand the versatility of the performing arts. It aims to expand the possibilities of dance and develop the use of architecture as an active player in influencing movement.  Sparrow Dance aspires to challenge and play with the spatial perceptions of both the audience and the performers and explore alternate ways of looking at the world. Sparrow Dance uses cross disciplinary art forms to create ‘new’ realities that play between reality and illusion, creating wondrous events that provoke new ways of thinking, The work creates clear images that defy gravity and human perception while at the same time being easy to understand and accessible to any audience.

Esther Wrobel is a dancer and choreographer educated in Israel at the Mate Asher School of Performing Arts. Since 2002 she has been working professionally for dance companies and as a freelancer primarily in Israel, Scandinavia, Holland, France and the USA. She is also involved in teaching and the education of future performing artists as a staff member of AMOC in Copenhagen. In past years she was also strongly involved in educational and performance related programs in Ghana and Denmark in collaboration with the NGO – African Footprint International. As a dancer her range of work experience is diverse, since spending years working with different genres such as contemporary dance, butoh, body weather, gymnastics and suspended dance. As a choreographer she is focusing her research especially on vertical dance, often in collaboration with other art forms.  In 2011 she received the Danish Arts Foundation award for her solo The Room and in 2014 she was selected as a representative of Danish Stage Arts to create a performance to celebrate of the 50 years anniversary of the Danish Arts Council . Since 2009 she has received various forms of funding and grants from both public and private foundations in the form of travel grants, work grants, and production and research grants.


Malmøfestivalen 2013:  https://vimeo.com/75067876
Kulturnat 2013 : https://vimeo.com/79768911
Kulturnat 2014:  https://vimeo.com/113198974

People Involved:

Rebecca Seward, Kajsa Bohlin, Mika Forsling
Producer: Sparrow Dance
Coreographer: Esther Wrobel
Tecnician: Ariellah Winther

01 August - 20.30 / Sct.Olai Kirketårn - Helsingør
01 August - 22.45 / Sct.Olai Kirketårn - Helsingør
02 August - 10:00 / Nøjsomhed - Helsingør
02 August - 13:30 / Nøjsomhed - Helsingør