Power of Diversity – The Crossing Lines Project Helsingør

Pan.Optikum (DE)

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PAN.OPTIKUM is an internationally recognized German theater, That has made great visual performances throughout Europe. Together with 9 theaters and festivals across Europe, they have created the project, Crossing Lines. Elsinore Theatre is one of the 9 partners.

Crossing Lines creates connections across different creative genres. First, we create a spectacular performance in Elsinore during PASSAGE festival in August 2016. Later, three participants from Elsinore be selected for a new young theater ensemble, that will create a new performance across cultures.

There will be select three from each country to tour in Europe with this performance in 2017-18. A group of young Danish talents have worked intensively with the internationally renowned German theater PAN.OPTIKUM. It has been a tough job requiering lots of effort and energy, but now they are ready to take Elsinore with a spectacular performance where dance, rap and drama merge into a great creative expression. It oozes of engagement and a contagious joy.

05 August - 22:30 / Marienlyst Slot - Helsingør