Life Circus

Dina Maria Arnesen (DK)

DMA Juni 16 web

The artist Dina Maria Arnese is exhibiting In “Toldkammercafeén” a collection of drawings that thematises both street theater as an art form but also life and everyday life as a kind of theater.

DMA is inspired by PASSAGE festival and by the philosopher Walter Benjamin, in his masterpiece Passagenwerk he describes how the modern city life unfolds as a kind of theater: The street is a form of scene and the individual moving in urban spaces, is at once both actor and spectator in a kind of street, everyday moment and theater.

These are dynamic and non-linear narratives as Dina Maria Arnesen explores in her paintings.


OPENING> Thursday 28 July at 14-16

EXHIBITION> 29 July-20 August

29. juli- 3. august: I Toldkammercaféens almindelige åbningstider: kl. 10-16 // lør kl. 11-15
4. – 6. august: kl. 10-24
8. – 20. august: I Toldkammercaféens almindelige åbningstider: man-fre kl. 10-16 // lør kl. 11-15

01 August - 10:00 / Toldkammer cafeén - Helsingør