Nothing is Less Certain

Collectif de la Bascule (FR)

Collectif de la bascule_Nothing is less certain_web1Collectif de la bascule_Nothing is less certain_web2Flying high, unbridled acrobatics, unexpected hand to hand movements and clever juggling. One, then all, and another. It’s simple but complicated. One simple action starts the machine, if one starts everything continues, if one stops nothing is alright. And it starts again. Vertical invasion, occupation horizontal. Up there, in the air it’s an explosion. We lift the eyes and it starts again… On the floor it runs, it doesn’t want to but it flyies, it slides and it takes a grip, it laughs, it shouts, it kisses and it catches up.

Artistic creation

Fanny Alvarez
Antoine Guillaume
Karim Messaoudi
Marius Ollagnier
Maxime Reydel



02 August - 18:00 / Nøjsomhed - Helsingør
03 August - 20:00 / P-pladsen ved Biblioteket, Hornbæk - Helsingør
04 August - 16:00 / Hundested Havn- Halsnæs - PASSAGE XL
05 August - 16:00 / Gjethuset, Frederiksværk - Halsnæs - PASSAGE XL
06 August - 15:00 / Pladsen foran Kulturværftet - Helsingør