Cie Les Güms (FR)

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They’re here. Mister and Madam Nobody, with nothing.Cie Les Güms_Stoïk_300 dpi_uden credit4

A simple scenic design. They always make their best, to fail, better. The greatness of everything to point out the smallness of nothing. He’s tall, half way between Peter Crouch and M. Bean, with good intentions. She’s small, full of energy and bitterness, but all of this is above her. They’re close with each other and with the audience. An absurd gestual world : nothing’s there, nothing IS there, everything’s there.

We like using the power of nothingness to make things happen. Time stretches in nothingness and if something happens, it becomes great. To our greateast pleasure and specially that of the audience. With stoicism and dignity, they present slices of life where ridicule and burlesque prevail on technicity. A show where they only communicate with their bodies, where they move without dancing, a show where uninteresting becomes interesting.

Writers and actors / Brian Henninot and Clémence Rouzier
Director / Johan Lescop
Production / Le Bureau de la Directrice Raphaël Munoz
Booking / Léonor Bolac / Acolytes
Communication / Juliette Ray
Costume designer / Sabrina Marletta
Coproduction : Groupe Geste(s)




02 August - 15:00 / Torvet, Gilleleje - PASSAGE XL
03 August - 16:00 / Nymbergs plats, Bibliotekstorget Höganäs - PASSAGE XL
04 August - 13:00 / Bakgård på Kullagatan 8 - Helsingborg
04 August - 17:00 / Toldkammergården - Helsingør