Mord på Motellet

Bris de Banane (FR)

Bris De BananeMurder at the Motelbris de Banane_3

The main scenes from film history horror movies, thrillers and crime dramas played out here by simple means, without words and with extremely imaginative soundeffects.
Through the series of film cliches build a bloody scenario, which obviously has to be solved by two detectives – the stubborn and the lame. The recognition is immediate for an audience familiar with Hitchcock, but it will criminalize the mystery “Murder at the motel” definitely not boring by.

Without a word but equipped with a wooden frame and various tinkered accessories, these two characters, one stubborn and the other one limping, struggle to make you relive the greatest cinema scenes (detective, horror, thriller). Adventure, humor and suspense are the inevitable ingredients of a good thriller: «murder at the motel»

In this show, the duet’s work is centered on the cinema technique of the in-frame and out-of-frame. Using all the codes of the cinema, the comedians run through a series of film clichés which gradually build a bloody thriller.

You will attend the scenes and behind-the-scenes at the same time: the images appear as the result of an alchemy made with mime, choreographies of objects and sound effects.

“From 7 years”





02 August - 19:00 / Torvet, Gilleleje - PASSAGE XL
05 August - 12:00 / Toldkammergården - Helsingør
05 August - 17:00 / Toldkammergården - Helsingør
06 August - 13:00 / Backgård Kullagatan - Helsingborg